The North Central Missouri College Discover Prepaid Card program provided by Heartland Payment Systems is ending on May 30, 2016.  If your NCMC Discover card has a balance, you have until May 30, 2016 to spend or transfer the remaining funds on your card.

Move your Money: You may also log into  and transfer your card’s available balance to a bank account.

Reloading: After May 10, 2016 your card will not receive disbursements or be reloaded.  You must use up any remaining balance on your card before midnight May 30.

Direct Deposit: Please make arrangements for any Direct Deposit you may have from an employer or a federal benefit program (survivor benefits, disability, etc.) to be redirected to a different account.   After May 10, 2016 any direct deposit will be returned to the payer and will not be added to your card balance.

If your card still has a balance remaining after May 30, we will mail a check within forty-five (45) business days to the last known address we have in our records.  If you intend to leave a balance on your card after May 30, you must supply us with a current mailing address.  If you have a remaining balance after May 30 and you do not receive a check, it is your responsibility to contact us to arrange the receipt of your funds.

Questions?  Email us at