Questions? about your refund date, the amount of your refund, or the absence of an expected refund?  Please contact the College.

You will receive an immediate email to your email address as soon as any refund is posted to your Discover Prepaid Debit Card balance. There is no delay between posting and availability. You may spend the funds on the card as soon as you receive the email.

First time users: Be sure you have activated your Card before attempting to use it. (Click on Activate My Card on this website.)

A newly activated card will not have money on it, unless or until your school has disbursed money to your card.

Please keep in mind: • There is a fee for a replacement card so don’t lose it. • The Discover Prepaid Card is NOT A CREDIT CARD. • You will NOT RECEIVE A NEW CARD EACH TERM so protect your card. • The card can be used everywhere Discover is accepted.